Woman excited about having set up coupon alerts

About Alertmee

There are plenty of coupon and deals for wide variety of products and services, but there is no easy way to get a coupon alert and deal alert. Consumers do not have time to sift through hundreds of websites and print media to look for a deal or a coupon. A coupon alert or deal alert will save time and energy. It helps both the consumers and merchants.

Alertmee is a new way of searching for deals and coupons. If the required deal or coupon is not found, the consumer can save the search for a future coupon alert or deal alert. Alertmee reviews the saved search every few hours and sifts through our coupon and deal databases to send coupon and deal alerts to all the users who have saved the search.

Alertmee has thousands of merchants with deals and coupons. We are working to increase both deals and coupon footprint along with merchants. And we will cover all product spaces - Apparel, Fashion, Jewelry, Electronics, Computers. Grocery, Automotive, Home, etc and also services.

Our Story

Every time we go out to buy a product, we do not have the information about the products deals and coupons. And most times we realize we have paid too much for we were unaware of the coupons and deals offered. What if we were to get a coupon alert or a deal alert before product purchase? This is wise and can save a lot of money. This was the genesis of the product.

Feedback and Contact

We do appreciate your feedback. ‚Äč Feel free to write to us about how we can improve and build a better product.